Cool Junk Car Find in Kansas

Technically, it is a 1966 Shelby GT350 Fastback with an original stoplight red paint job and a high-performance motor designed by the father of the American muscle car movement.

But in reality, this car is much more: It’s the type of machine that car buffs thought existed only in bar-room babbling or in the grimy gossip of a gearhead garage.

“This is why car guys are forever chasing cars,” said Richard Sevenoaks, owner of Tulsa-based Leake Auction Co., which specializes in selling classic autos.

“If some guy says he has a Corvette out in the field, you have to go look at it. You are always looking for the Holy Grail, but for most guys it never pans out.”

Maybe fields aren’t the place to look. How about the garage of a Lawrence apartment complex? One off Four Wheel Drive, no less.

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