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MrCarJunk is comprised of a group of eco-friendly auto recyclers from across North America that came together to develop a comprehensive solution to the environmental issues surrounding the disposal of vehicles that have reached the end of their useful lives. If you are looking to get cash for your old junk car or you want to donate your car to charity then give us a call now or just fill out our online pickup form.

Our mission is to reduce the amount of waste produced by automobiles that have reached the end of their useful lives and this is made possible by our extensive coverage across North America.

All our members make sure these junk vehicles end up at an ATF (authorized treatment facility) were they use a comprehensive de-pollution process to remove and recover all hazardous fluids and materials that are necessary to prepare a vehicle for dismantling and recycling.

De-pollution step-by-step:

  • The removal of the battery for safety reasons.
  • All fluids are drained and contained appropriately.
  • These fluids include: fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid.
  • The refrigerant is recovered, if applicable.
  • Wheels are removed.
  • Tires are separated.
  • Hazardous materials are removed. e.g. Mercury switches.

Once these processes have been completed successfully, the vehicle can then be crushed and/or made ready for recycling. All waste materials from this process are handled and disposed of in accordance with any applicable legislation or Environmental requirements in that area.

If you have a vehicle or know someone who has a vehicle that has come to the end of its useful life, get in touch with us at 1-888-MrCarJunk or fill out our pickup request form and we will arrange a time that suits you to remove the vehicle from your premises and take it directly to an Authorized Treatment Facility.