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UK Study Say Future for Green Cars Looks Bleak

Although I can certainly understand the challenge auto makers will face in selling green cars I do feel over the next 5 years consumers will start to change their attitude towards these eco-friendly cars.  As the new green cars look nicer and have more luxuries I think people will come around.   We will also need to likely see governments getting involved in the short-term to help make these cars more affordable through rebates and other promotions.

Technology and services company Bosch’s survey entitled, ‘Driving Green Britain’ discovered only five per cent of motorists planning to buy a new car would consider green credentials.

When asked to rank what was the main influence behind their purchase decision, 63 per cent of motorists surveyed said that price was the most important factor, closely followed by 56 per cent who said vehicle size was also influential. Motorists ranked design, style, brand and safety ahead of a car’s environmental impact, saying that green vehicles are just too expensive.

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